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Fine Arts

Statement of Goals and Objectives

The Fine Arts Department has multiple goals. We encourage the individual student’s potential to communicate and express creatively. We strive to develop sensitivity to the human condition and an awareness of the role of the artist effecting change. We endeavor to make art a dynamic influence in the life of the school so that students and faculty can become more aware of the beauty surrounding them. We emphasize the long lasting effect of fine arts and its impact on the students’ lives.


  1. To develop aesthetic awareness and the skills necessary for observation and critical judgment of a work of art.
  2. To provide opportunities for artistic expression which are both productive and satisfying for the individual.
  3. To develop skills of specific techniques and the understanding of their historical significance.
  4. To provide multiple opportunities to develop individual potential.
  5. To develop ability for communicating through performance and interaction with others "in an environment that challenges students to grow in respect for self and others".
  6. To nurture creativity.
  7. To promote critical thinking.

To meet the graduation requirement of St. Joseph's Academy and that of the state of Missouri, one full credit is required. All Freshmen must enroll in either FA 701, 702 or 712.

To learn more about St. Joseph's Academy's Fine Arts program, click here. 

For the full list of Fine Arts classes offered at SJA, see the Curriculum Guide.

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