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Statement of Goals and Objectives

The goal of the English Department is to help students attain a liberal arts perspective through the comprehensive study of and exposure to language and literature, especially as a reflection of human values and cultures, a presentation of the historical development of ideas, an opportunity to respond to and appreciate different life experiences, and the development of communication skills.




    1. To provide a wide variety of literary experiences through the study of American and English literature and the literature of other cultures.
    2. To develop an appreciation of content, purpose, and structure in literature.
    3. To provide training and practice in grammar, vocabulary development, and composition skills to enable the students to communicate effectively.
    4. To provide, through language and literature studies, the opportunities for inquiry, collaborative learning, and critical thinking.
    5. To integrate technological tools into all areas of the English learning experience.




Four credits in English are required at St. Joseph's Academy. One credit is required of freshmen. One credit of American literature is required of sophomores. One credit of English literature is required of juniors. Seniors are required to take two elective one-semester courses or one elective yearlong course. 

For the full list of English classes and honors course eligibility guidelines, see the curriculum guide.

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