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Student Newspaper

The Voice

Student newspaper of St. Joseph's Academy

The Voice, founded in 1983, is the student newspaper of Saint Joseph’s Academy. It is published eight times during the school year. All students, administration, faculty, and staff receive the newspaper. It also appears online.

The Voice functions as a club, meeting after school. All students are welcome to join the staff as a writer or a photographer. Staff members are required to attend a general information and training meeting at the beginning of the school year. After that, staff members meet once a month to receive an assignment for that month's issue. This meeting lasts about thirty minutes and usually is on a Wednesday. After receiving her assignment, the staff member has a week to ten days (depending upon that particular assignment's due date) to complete her assignment. On average, an article involves about three hours of work and includes interviewing people, collecting other kinds of information through research, and writing up the article. A photography assignment may involve shooting on campus or off campus subjects using one of The Voice's digital cameras.

Staff members who publish in five or more issues receive a certificate of merit at the end of the school year. Staff members who miss deadline twice will be asked to leave the staff. Editors meet after school on Mondays and Wednesdays approximately six times a month (determined by the publication cycle). Editors for the coming year are selected at the end of each school year.

The following are online versions of SJA's student newspaper. Click on any of the files to see that month's edition.


2012-2013 Issues

2011-2012 Issues

Back Issues of The Voice

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