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Father-Daughter Dinner Dance Information and Bid

This event is co-sponsored by the Father's Club and STUCO.  


General Information

The Father-Daughter Banquet is a major social event at S.J.A.

It is co-sponsored by the Father’s Club and the Student Council.

It is being held on Friday night, January 16, 2015, at the St. Charles Convention Center.

The evening starts at 6:00 PM. Dinner is served beginning at 7:00 PM. After dinner, there are speeches by the Father’s Club and STUCO, which last about 30-40 minutes.   After the speeches, the Galaxy Red provides dance music from the 70’s to the present.  Almost everyone is on the dance floor, dancing the night away. The dance concludes at 11:30.

The table’s seat a maximum of 10 and you should begin now getting a table together with your friends because bids for the dance are purchased by table.  If you have an older sister here, you will be sitting with her friends at an upper class table.

Bids cost $73 per person, $146 per couple.   Bids will be collected by table. Discounted Bids are collected on December 14 and December 17.  Discounted bids are $63 per person, $126 per couple.  All other bids will be collected on December 18.  So you need to get your table organized as soon as possible.

The bid price includes dinner, dancing, coat check, soda bar and parking. All information about father-daughter can be found on the SJA website.   Information has been sent home via the Mother’s club about corsages and boutonnieres being available to order and pick up at the dance that night.

Fathers wear nice suits to the Father-Daughter and the young women wear nice dresses or semi-formal outfits. The fathers generally supply a nosegay or corsage for the daughter, the daughters a boutonniere for their father (which can be purchased through the Mother’s Club).  It is becoming a tradition for the fathers of Seniors to wear tuxedoes.  This is for Seniors only! 

Pictures are taken that night by HR Imaging.  All are welcome to do so.

Some groups extend their evening by going out after the dancing but this is up to you and your dad.

Any other questions can be answered by Mrs. Colleen Smith-Yelton.  You may email me with questions or concerns at



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