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Community Service

Community Service has its origins in the school's mission statement as well as a mantra of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The mission statement of the school says, "Our community expects these young women to make a profound impact in the world" and the Sisters of St. Joseph want our girls to, "serve a world in need". These statements motivate all our service endeavors. Our service requirements are:

  • Freshmen: perform a minimum of 10 hours throughout the year
  • Sophomores: perform a minimum of 14 hours throughout the year
  • Juniors: perform a minimum of 18 hours throughout the year
  • Seniors: perform a minimum of 20 hours throughout the year; and 3 weeks in May at approved agencies performing 90 hours of service to the dear neighbor.

To view volunteer oportunities for service hours, click here.

Attached below is the form for recording service hours. All service hour forms should be turned into Campus Ministry.

SJA Service Hours Form (9.07KB)

As part of the All School Retreat Day, Juniors participate in an Urban Plunge day of community service emmersion.

Senior Service Projects culminate the four years of service at St. Joseph’s Academy. These projects are scheduled at an approved agency for three weeks in May, and consist of a minimum of 90 hours. Seniors must verify and document the service with a personal journal and appropriate forms. In addition, the seniors must attend the mid-project evaluation meeting. The Senior Project must be completed to the satisfaction of the agency, the campus minister, and the administration. Inappropriate behavior or failure to complete the project may result in withholding the diploma until the service hours are completed.

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