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Fathers' Club


All SJA fathers, and father figures of SJA students, are automatically members of the Fathers’ Club and are encouraged to attend events and become active on one or more of the committees. Fathers’ Club monies are used to fund a Fathers’ Club Scholarship Fund, operating expenses not covered by tuition, and a commitment to the Capital Campaign. The scholarship helps to pay tuition for any student who loses their primary parents while attending St. Joseph's Academy.

The Fathers’ Club Structure

The SJA Fathers’ Club is made up of an executive board, committee chairmen, committee members and at-large members. The executive board includes the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. This body is responsible for the overall policy decisions and guidance of the Fathers’ Club. The Club also includes all committee chairmen and committee members who orchestrate the various activities throughout the year. Lastly, the Club also includes at-large members – those who are not able to work on or lead a committee. Fathers’ Club meetings are held periodially during the school year. All are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings to enjoy food, drinks and camaraderie.

2013-2014 Board and Calendar of Events

President: Roger Weismiller

Vice-President: Bill Berberich

Secretary: Paul Ruzicka

Treasurer: Fred Kostecki


August 27: Meeting in Cafeteria, 6:00pm


October 9: Father/Daughter Mass & Donuts, 7:30am in SJA Theater

October 17: Burgers & Brats Night, 6:00pm in Dance Studio 

January 8: Meeting in Cafeteria 6:00pm

January 17: Father/Daughter Dance!

April 8: Meeting in the Cafeteria, 6:00pm


We exist only because of your efforts and we will continue to thrive and give back to the school in proportion to the commitment made by people like you. One of the best ways to keep informed about your daughter’s school is to get involved in some manner. We need your help and involvement in any form. We recognize that many of you travel and can make partial commitments only. We understand as many of us travel, as well. Each of you brings special gifts to SJA: your time, ideas, money and networking. We are grateful for whatever level of commitment you make. If your networking in the community can help us in any way, we welcome the assistance. We need and appreciate whatever your time and other commitments allow you to give. Whatever you share with us, you share with your daughter.

We are always looking for volunteers and committee co-chairs. For additional information on the Fathers’ Club, contact:

Emily Mahon 
Phone: 314.394.4300
Fax: 314.965.9114


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