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Nicki Tipton

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 Welcome to Dance at St. Joe

I am Nicki Tallent.  This is my fourth year teaching all levels of dance at the Academy.  I have been teaching, choreographing and performing for over 15 years in St. Louis and Austin, Texas.  As I performer and choreographer, my focus has been contemporary/modern dance and dance theatre.  I have had the opportunity to perform the work of many local choreographers as well as presenting my own work in traditional theater settings and outdoor, site specific performances.   While a consortium artists with ANNONYArts, in addition to performing and choreographing, I was the founder and director of Foster Dance, a dance education program for teenage girls in the foster care system. 

I am looking forward to the 2012-13 year!



2012-13 Dance Class Attire 

Dressing out for dance class is a portion of the weekly grade.  Please note, the studio is warm during the early fall/late spring.  Dress accordingly. 

Below are options for class:

Bottom- Yoga pants (capri, above the knee, or standard length), Dance shorts (form fitting, not athletic shorts), Tights, or leggings

Top- Any SJA t-shirt, athletic tank top, or leotard

Dance shoes are not required.  Students dance barefoot or in ankle socks.  However, ballet slippers and jazz shoes can be worn while studying those units. 

Uniform polo shirts and athletic short are not an option. 


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