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Upcoming Events:
  • Thanks to all SJA alumnae who supported Celebration at Sunset (9/8)!
  • Reunion 2014 (10/4) - For more information on Reunion 2014 including class parties and registration
  • 10th Annual Fall Harvest (10/4) - For more information on Fall Harvest 2014



Dear SJA Alumna,

Upon your graduation from St. Joseph's Academy, you entered into the next phase of your SJA career – that of an alumna - and automatically became a member of the SJA Alumnae Association.  You joined an elite group of women who love their school and fellow Angels, because as you well know “Once an Angel, always an Angel.”   

The goal of the SJA Alumnae Association is to keep you connected with St. Joe, the faculty and staff and other alumnae.  We do this through alumnae events, reunions, as well as the alumnae magazine, Wings. We also have alumnae connections on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Please help keep the alumnae network strong by updating the Alumnae Office on any changes with your contact information. We don't want you to miss out on any alumnae communication.  We also ask that you keep us updated on any personal or professional milestones, such as a new job or promotion, marriage or a new child, so we can publish in the class notes section of Wings.

If you are not receiving our mailings or emails, please contact the Alumnae Office at (314) 394-4300 or via email at

We hope to see you back at St. Joe soon!


Linda Holland Decker '83
Director of Development 

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