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Stalling for Wellness

• "Stalling" for Wellness began during the 2008-2009 school year.

• The flyers disseminate large amounts of health awareness and teen issues information in a fun and summarized manner to as many students as visit the restrooms.

• The flyers are hung on the doors of each student bathroom stall within the main building.

• When information on the flyers comes from a news report, magazine or journal article, or other publication, the sources will be cited.

• Starting in 2009-2010, the flyers were made available on our website for parents to view.

• Several of the flyers were created during senior student service projects by students themselves.

• If you have a suggested topic, please email or 

• Below are the current Stalling for Wellness flyers and below that are all the wellness flyers for this and last academic school years:


  2014-2015 Wellness Flyers 

Alcohol 101 (pdf, 61.49KB)

How Eating Disorders affect the Body (docx, 26.01KB)

How to Help a Friend who has an Eating Disorder (pdf, 160.56KB)

Dating Violence (pdf, 172.2KB)

Relationship First Aid (pdf, 196.39KB)

Valentine from God (pdf, 76.12KB)

Valentine from God 2 (pdf, 65.95KB)

Tips for a successful semester (pdf, 467.15KB)

Bee-Attitudes for the New Year (pdf, 306.01KB)

Stress Management (pdf, 199.42KB)

Great Stress Soothers (pdf, 673.73KB)

Hookah (pdf, 126.86KB)

Refusal Skills (pdf, 441.33KB)

Marijuana 101 (pdf, 238.14KB)

Alcohol & Brain Chemistry (pdf, 204.95KB)

Compassion Fatigue (pdf, 169.51KB)

Signs and Symptoms of Depression (pdf, 454.27KB)

What to do if a friend is self injuring (pdf, 164.95KB)

The POWER Of Forgiveness (pdf, 165.82KB)

Gratitude Attitude (pdf, 457.69KB)

2013-2014 Wellness Flyers

Gratitude Quote To Think About (pdf, 108.3KB)

Alcohol & Brain Chemistry (pdf, 204.95KB)

Daters' Bill of Rights (pdf, 148.53KB)

Abstinence; True Love Waits (pdf, 130.73KB)

Relationship First Aid (pdf, 263.55KB)

Balance What you are Juggling (pdf, 206.55KB)

Water & Sleep (pdf, 248.55KB)

Nutrionially Speaking (pdf, 145.2KB)

Sleep! (pdf, 212.66KB)

Stress Control (pdf, 231.4KB)

Protect Yourself from Breast Cancer (pdf, 1.26MB) 

Breast Cancer Self Exam (pdf, 74.99KB)

Mythbusters about Suicide (pdf, 426.96KB)

NO Cyberbullying (pdf, 243.78KB) 

Wisdom from Charles Schulz (pdf, 247.59KB)

Welcome 2013-2014 (pdf, 321.76KB)

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