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Grading Systems & Graduation Requirements

Grade Postings

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The following credit requirements must be met by all students at St. Joseph's Academy:

Theology  4 credits
English  4 credits
 Mathematics 4 credits
Social Studies  3 credits 
Science  3 credits
World Language 2 credits
Fine Arts 1 credit
Business 1 credit
Physical Education 1 credit
Electives  4.5 credits or more
To meet the graduation requirements, a student must carry a minimum of:
7 credits freshman, sophomore and junior years, and 6.5 senior year.

In addition, each student is required to participate in service projects. The graduation requirements are:

Freshmen: 10 hours of service
Sophomores: 14 hours of service
Juniors:   18 hours of service 
Seniors:  90 hours of service (20 hours plus the Senior Service Project) according to the procedures outlined in the current Parent-Student Handbook.

It is very important that each student’s registration be correct and complete.

1. Study the entire curriculum guide carefully.
2. Note the requirements for graduation.
3. Be sure that all prerequisites are met before registering for a course.
4. Discuss your course selections with your parents, your teachers and your counselor.
5. Follow carefully the directions for registration that will be given to you.

Note: Any course with insufficient registration will be cancelled.
Note: No schedule changes may be made after five days of classes each semester. 
Full year classes may only be dropped within the first five days of the first semester.

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