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Name  Department  Phone  Email
Adelsberger (CSJ), Sr. Winifred Advancement, Faculty 394-4346 wadelsberger
Ahrens, Barbara Faculty, Fine Arts 394-4004 bahrens
Anders, Nan Advancement 394-4341 nanders
Baxendale, Laura Staff 394-4201 lbaxendale
Bennett, Nathan Technology 394-4843 nbennett
Bisch, Jennifer Academic Leader, Coaches, Faculty, Science 394-4009 jbisch
Boul, Sarah Faculty, Theology 394-4130 sboul
Busch, Saundra Administrative Assistant to the Principal, Assistant to the Assistant Principal, Staff 394-4329 sbusch
Cummings, J.P. Academic Leader, Coaches, Faculty, Social Studies 394-4038 jcummings
Curran, Joanne Guidance, Learning Consultant 394-4314 jcurran
Dalton, Sarah Academic Leader, Faculty, World Language 394-4091 srota
Davidson, Rose Faculty, Science 394-4144 rdavidson
Davis, Karen Administration, Assistant Principal, Coaches 394-4332 kdavis
Decker, Hannah Faculty, World Language 394-4078 hdecker
Decker, Linda Director of Development, Faculty 314-394-4345 ldecker
DeGeare, Melody Staff 394-4203 mdegeare
Edmonston, Leigh Faculty, World Language 394-4046 ledmonston
Everitt, Diane Faculty, Theology - deveritt
Farrar, David Technology 314-394-4842 dfarrar
Folkl, CSJ, Sr. Nancy Administrative Assistant to the President 394-4092 nfolkl
Garvin, Jane Faculty, Social Studies 394-4048 jgarvin
Gerke, Sherry Advancement, Director of Major Projects and Gifts 314-394-4883 sgerke
Gerondale (CSJ), Sr. Carol Admissions 394-4321 cgerondale
Hackmann, Megan Business, Faculty 394-4070 mehackmann
Haddock, Julie Faculty, Science 394-4071 jhaddock
Hall, Lauren Faculty, World Language 394-4037 lhall
Hammer, Ann Academic Leader, Campus Ministry, Faculty, Theology 394-4072 ahammer
Hennessy, Mary Alice Guidance 394-4313 mhennessy
Hotop, Anna Campus Ministry 394-4036 ahotop
Hughes, Heather Faculty, World Language 394-4074 hhughes
Jackson, Mary Academic Leader, Business, Faculty 394-4075 majackson
Jendraszak, Andrew Faculty, Theology 394-4049 ajendraszak
Kassler, Allyson Faculty, Social Studies 394-4077 akassler
Kelley, Liz English, Faculty 394-4127 lkelley
Kemp, Sandy Business Office 394-4882 skemp
Kilcullen, Katie English, Faculty 394-4138 kkilcullen
Kohler, Timothy English, Faculty 394-4073 tkohler
Komrska (CSJ), Sr. Pauline Library 394-4196 pkomrska
Kowalczyk, David Faculty, Fine Arts 394-4132 dkowalczyk
Lennon, Debby Fine Arts 394-4081 dlennon
Lodes, Andrew Faculty, Theology 394-4082 alodes
Lodes, Katie Faculty, Science 394-4083 klodes
Mantovani, Katie Academic Leader, Admissions, Campus Ministry 394-4324 kmantovani
McKinney, Clay Faculty, Fine Arts 394-4136 clmckinney
McVey, Maureen Athletic Director, Coaches 394-4855 mmcvey
Milford, Mary Beth Faculty, Mathematics 394-4084 mmilford
Millikan, Jennifer Academic Leader, Faculty, Library, Summer Program Director 314-394-4305 jmillikan
Modde, Sarah Guidance 394-4317 smodde
Morgan, Karen Faculty, Social Studies 394-4197 kmorgan
Morrow, Katie Academic Leader, Faculty, Mathematics 394-4086 kmorrow
Niedringhaus, Marcia Administration - mniedringhaus
Norris, Vicky Testing Center 394-4135 vnorris
Parker, Rob Facilities 394-4848 rparker
Parsons, Kristen Guidance 394-4316 kparsons
Richardson, Katie Coaches, English, Faculty 394-4089 kkieffer
Riordan, Tom Faculty, Mathematics 394-4090 triordan
Rocco, Gina Faculty, Science 394-4126 grocco
Rogers, Travis Technology 394-4841 trogers
Ruma, Eileen Business Office 394-4884 eruma
Ryan (CSJ), Helen Advancement 394-4198 hryan
Schwarz, Mary Beth Advancement, Events & Parent Programs 314-394-4344 mbschwarz
Shadden, Taylor Faculty, Mathematics 394-4129 tshadden
Siegel, Kathy Faculty, Mathematics 394-4094 ksiegel
Smith-Yelton, Colleen Academic Leader, Faculty, P.E. 394-4140 csmith
Stein, Bud Faculty, Mathematics 394-4095 bstein
Stein, Sarah Administrative Assistant, Guidance 394-4142 sstein
Sudekum, Jennifer Administration, Principal 314-394-4333 jsudekum
Summers, Amy English, Faculty 394-4079 asummers
Tipton, Nicki Faculty, Fine Arts 394-4098 ntallent
Videmschek, Donna Guidance 394-4312 dvidemschek
Vullo, John Faculty, Fine Arts 394-4199 jvullo
Wade, Beth Registrar 394-4322 bwade
Wenberg, Carrie Advancement, Alumnae Programs 314-394-4343 cwenberg
Williams, Delphine Faculty, Fine Arts 394-4124 dwilliams
Williams, Pam Administrative Assistant, Advancement 394-4342 pwilliams
Worrall, Luann Academic Leader, English, Faculty 394-4128 lsemar

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