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Statement of Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Science Department is to encourage a hope-filled continual search for understanding as well as a growth in appreciation of humans and the environment.


  1. To observe and study the physical and biological aspects of the environment.
  2. To search for relationships among the observations.
  3. To develop curiosity about why these relationships exist.
  4. To apply acquired facts and concepts to new situations.
  5. To communicate new knowledge clearly and precisely.
  6. To develop an appreciation and respect for the surrounding world.
  7. To accept responsibility for acting on new knowledge.

Three units of lab science are required for graduation. These required units will be met by taking Introduction to Chemistry and Introduction to Physics in the freshman year, Biology in the sophomore year and Chemistry in the junior year.

NOTE: Any student choosing to take more than 1.0 science credit during any given school year must obtain departmental approval. During her time at SJA, a student may take either Biology SC 505 or Honors Biology SC 510. A student may take only one of the following required chemistry courses: SC 515, 520 or 530. She may take either SC 540, Honors Physics or SC 536/537. She may take either SC 550, Honors Anatomy and Physiology, or SC 545, Anatomy. 

For the full list of Science classes offered at SJA, see the Curriculum Guide.

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