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College Counseling


The guiding principles of the College Counseling program at
St. Joseph’s Academy are rooted in the Academy Mission Statement. Our hope is that the values and traditions encouraged here will continue to be valued as our students proceed through their college choices and into the career paths and lives they choose. We recognize the diversity in students and families and the obligation of the school to give individual guidance. We aim to educate our students and their families about colleges and college admission standards, procedures, and trends. We facilitate the application process by advocating on behalf of our students and providing the colleges with accurate and complete information on students’ qualifications for admission. We maintain an unbiased regard for a broad spectrum of colleges as we evaluate their appropriateness for the individual student in terms of size, type, affiliation, reputation, and selectivity. Ultimately, our goal is to work with students and families to ensure that the Academy Angels end up with college options that fit them well so that they fulfill their promise as scholars, citizens and faith-living adults.

College Counseling Personnel:

Mrs. Donna Videmschek
College Counselor A-G

Ms. Mary Alice Hennessy
College Counselor H-Z

Mrs. Sarah Stein
Guidance Office Manager

Please make sure you have your ACT/SAT scores sent to SJA.
SJA CEEB Code (ACT Code): 263-055

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