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Junior Ring

Alleluia! This is the day the Lord has made!

Ring day may well be the highlight of a girl's time at St. Joseph's Academy. The entire school community shares in the joyful celebration of this momentous occasion.

Months of preparation go into planning the day. For Mother and Daughter it is time to share in the excitement of selecting that special day; a dress for the ceremony and an evening dress for the dance.

The day begins with an all-school Ring Day Mass in the gym. This special liturgy is lovingly planned by the juniors: their parents are invited to celebrate and give thanks with them. After Mass, each girl is called individually to come forward to receive her class ring, a symbol of the love and loyalty the students and the school share for each other.

Following the ceremony, juniors and their parents enjoy the coffee and doughnut reception sponsored by the Freshman Class officers. At this time, it is traditional that family, friends, fellow classmates and faculty take turns twisting their emerald and gold rings as students keep count: the goal -- their graduation year!

Then the class departs in individual groups to enjoy lunch with their Moms and Dads in a restaurant or home. And the day is only half over!

That weekend, "bejeweled" Juniors return to school for a semi-formal Ring Day Dance hosted by the Senior Class. Before she goes to sleep, an exhausted but exhilarated student may place her new treasure in her specially-designed sophomore ring box.

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