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Advantages of Single Sex Education

Why consider an all-girls school for your daughter?

Deciding what type of school your daughter should attend is an important decision and it may feel like a complicated process. We believe an all-girls school offers distinct educational and social benefits for young women. We would like to explain what those are and how we accomplish them.

We provide a safe environment

Our school culture is not only physically safe, but also socially and emotionally safe - where a young woman is encouraged to fully develop her own talents and skills. She will have dozens of adults available to guide her through her personal discovery. She will be supported as she moves through the many stages of adolescent growth and friendship transitions, especially when she faces inevitable challenges and disappointments. We know girls - and we know what young women need to thrive.

We are experts in the education of young women

Engaging young women in their learning is best done by highly skilled faculty who know how to communicate effectively with girls. Many young women benefit from trusting and personal connections with their instructors. Our accomplished and caring professionals know how to “talk girl” with emphasis on relevance and authenticity. We highlight the achievements of women in all subjects, we use response wait-time to allow reflection, and we guide our girls to create their own solutions when they are struggling. Our young women are at the center of every decision we make and at the heart of every aspect of our institution.

We model leadership and we expect our students to influence others

Every student leadership position in our school is held by a young woman. Through classes, organizations, teams, clubs and events, our students are called forth to lead in different ways. We offer hundreds of opportunities for leadership every year from singing a solo, to managing a group science project, to running for class office. Your daughter will be encouraged and challenged to think for herself, to speak up and to make her mark on her peers and our community. She’ll get lots of practice here to build lasting leadership skills.

We encourage exploration and hold high expectations

Every young woman has gifts and abilities waiting to be revealed. We partner with you to help your daughter realize her potential and we don’t set limits on her options because she is female. We will foster her curiosity and invite her to take risks, and experiment intellectually. During the school day the focus is on your daughter’s learning and development. She won’t be distracted by boys or by worrying about how she looks. She will be given countless opportunities to expand her self esteem by earning recognition through her successes, both large and small.

We believe if you expect the best from a girl - that’s what you’ll get.

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